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SaQué is a combination of French and Lebanese.

The word “sac” means “bag” in French. And the pronoun "é" means “mine” in Lebanese. Hence “saQué” means “my bag” in spoken Lebanese.

SaQué is a luxurious brand of handmade handbags designed by two sisters architects, Chantal & Daisy El Jurdi.

The sisters have combined their love for fashion & architecture to create unique pieces. All the bags are made out of luxurious real leather and all the accessories used are either gold or silver plated, using real leather and gold or silver plated accessories.

SAQUE’s s handbags are all handmade. They are carefully crafted and a special kind of attention is given to all the details, the trimmi

ngs and the finishing. 

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items