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The official launch of the designer brand CARLA LOPEZ was established in 2014 by the two founders Carla López and Emilia Arzúa. Carla had emerged from college with a degree in Fashion Design in 2011, having already been previously recognised for her work in numerous design competitions. Emilia, meanwhile, had picked up her degree in Advertising and PR in 2008. After a brief stint in the world of Advertising and Luxury Fashion Communication, she teamed up to embark on this project.

CARLA LOPEZ creates unique bags that combine surreal artistic animal sculptures with high quality materials.

Every CARLA LOPEZ handbag is hand-made in Spain, and the brand collaborates closely with Spanish artisans and suppliers who share their philosophy for intimacy and quality in all aspects of product creation. It is about far more than just a bag; we believe in creation as a means to express an idea, one that is centered not on consumption but rather on curation and collection. Our bags have appeared in fashion magazines such as Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Grazia and have been part of celebrities' outftits like Beyonce. In 2015 they have been selected as finalists in two categories in the Independent Handbag Designer Awards, resulting winner of one of them.

CARLA LOPEZ has been selected to represent the Spanish Talent in 2016 in the Hechos de Talento Contest, a Clear Channel initiative that has the recognition of Marca España. 

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items