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duet luxury evening clutches

Started by designers Priyanka Baid (Pearl Academy of Fashion) and Shruti Bansal (University of Warwick), Duet is the partnering of two Individuals who bring in their diverse experiences and expertise to the brand.

With a vast product portfolio of exclusive handcrafted accessories blending exotic wood and leather coupled with the luxury of customizing every produce- Duet is original, futuristic and functional.

Duet offers these bespoke accessories to suit modern go-getters who like to stand out and show their individuality. The collection is resplendent with unique shapes and embellishments- contemporary whilst retaining traditional features.

All of DUET LUXURY’s designs have a futuristic appeal yet functional appeal, which suits the modern woman of today. Both Priyanka & Shruti together bring a good balance in design and business ideas to create a collection of fusing one other material (acrylic, Swarovski, mirror, leather) with wood to create a unconventional product.

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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items