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  • ALIK


    The designer behind AliK is Alessandra Congiu. AliK is a minimalist luxury leather accessories brand created in Milan in 2014.
    It is also a Creative Studio that designs projects that include various fields, such as Graphics, web and creative design.

    The current bag collection is called BAGGY BAGZ. The collection consists of a single model in 3 sizes (Large, Medium and Small) in 5 color variations. Customization is another interesting point : the 4 elements that characterize the bag give you the ability to customize the colors. Its minimal design and yet captivating allows you to wear it on different occasions and moments of the day.​

    Baggy Bag is 100% made in Italy, handcrafted and non-industrial.


    carla lopez designer bags

    The official launch of the designer brand CARLA LOPEZ was established in 2014 by the two founders Carla López and Emilia Arzúa. Carla had emerged from college with a degree in Fashion Design in 2011, having already been previously recognised for her work in numerous design competitions. Emilia, meanwhile, had picked up her degree in Advertising and PR in 2008. After a brief stint in the world of Advertising and Luxury Fashion Communication, she teamed up to embark on this project.

    CARLA LOPEZ creates unique bags that combine surreal artistic animal sculptures with high quality materials.

    Every CARLA LOPEZ handbag is hand-made in Spain, and the brand collaborates closely with Spanish artisans and suppliers who share their philosophy for intimacy and quality in all aspects of product creation. It is about far more than just a bag; we believe in creation as a means to express an idea, one that is centered not on consumption but rather on curation and collection. Our bags have appeared in fashion magazines such as Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Grazia and have been part of celebrities' outftits like Beyonce. In 2015 they have been selected as finalists in two categories in the Independent Handbag Designer Awards, resulting winner of one of them.

    CARLA LOPEZ has been selected to represent the Spanish Talent in 2016 in the Hechos de Talento Contest, a Clear Channel initiative that has the recognition of Marca España. 



    COLOURS OF MY LIFE is the vision of entrepreneurs Anca and Cristian Stefanescu, a Romanian couple who share a  passion for art. Anca's career spanned art, graphic design and advertising while Cristian moved from academia to business development and entrepreneurialism. They combined their passion for art by opening an online store offering limited-edition artwear, hand-made pieces of bags and accessories for women – all designed by Anca and using prints of her drawings and paintings. They aspire to blur the boundaries between art and fashion accessories.


    designer high tech accessories

    DEBOSC is a brand specialising in the design and production of wooden objects, and it was founded in 2014 by the Bosch i Roura family in Anglès (Catalonia). Using wood as the essence of all of our creations, we look for solutions to small, everyday challenges.


    DREAM'S CODE Designer bags

    Founded in 2014 by London College of Fashion graduate Youmeng Liu, Dream's Code is an emerging accessory brand based in London, whose artistic philosophy mixes modernity, elegance and tradition.

    Growing up in the Southern province of Yunnan in China, Youmeng has always been fascinated by the embroidery of the ethnic Bai minority, which has a history going back to the Tang Dynasty. After successfully exhibiting artwork for the International Talent Support in Italy, she decided to marry her culture to beautiful British vegetable-tanned leather, using innovative and traditionally inspired designs. 

    Youmeng designs accessories which are both modern, sophisticated and environmentally sustainable. Her desire is to create high quality products that have style and personality, but are also ecologically sound, and made using the ancient sewing techniques of the Bai. This personal approach became the brand's signature that can be found in each product.

    By using vegetable tanned leather, Dream's Code is advocating a higher standard quality and a long-lived product over large-scale production and mass consumption. Vegetable tanning process causes less pollution and is better for the environment, while the leather itself will mature over time, giving a unique character to your bag as it acquires a unique patina through use, and wear marks reflecting your own adventures.



    FABRYAN (fa-bri-an) is a luxury womenswear & accessories brand; offering elegantly designed pieces with a focus on high end tailoring. Launched in September 2010 during London fashion week by self-taught designer Samantha-Jane Agbontaen. An award winning independent brand, which has been growing from strength to strength in the initial tertiary years with features in notable press such as: Vogue, Tatler, Glamour and Fashion TV to name a few.

    Each scarf from our accessories range is unique. Displaying impeccable hand-rolled finishing. Our original prints are wearable art; woven with pure silk yarned from silk worms and mulberry. The silk is then digitally printed using non-toxic eco friendly inks.


    designer fringe bags Farrah and Sloane

    Nadine Morris and Jane Jones are the creative minds behind FARRAH + SLOANE. Steering away from mainstream and commercial bag design options, the pair wanted to bring something fresh and exciting to the accessories market. Blurring the line between day bag and evening bag, their ranges strike the perfect balance between practicality and style, and solve a common problem that face all of us that love going out – how to hold our bag, drink, phone and poise all at once so that every moment can be enjoyed without giving up the convenience of a bag. FARRAH + SLOANE's collection of bags are perfectly suited to the socially active and creative woman. Designed to impress and function with ease, the range allows you to enjoy your night out without having the inconvenience of having to clutch on to your clutch bag all night. Since the introduction of the Austalian designer brand into the market in 2016, FARRAH + SLOANE has garnered a loyal following of ladies who love their products for the luxe embellishments, tactile fabrics and edgy hardware. If you want a bag that looks amazing, fits your essentials and is easy to keep on hand without being in your hand, then FARRAH + SLOANE is for you.


    designer shoes house of spring

    House of Spring showcases a contemporary shoe collection mixing French chic with the vibrant energy of London. Inspiration is taken from two fashion capitals as House of Spring aims to create the effortless elegance of Parisians together with London's bold fashion sense. « Our shoes are designed for lovers of fashion who like shoes with an elegant twist. ». House of Spring’s philosophy is to create beautiful shoes with the highest standard of design, craftsmanship and comfort at an affordable price point. The shoes are designed in London and handmade in Portugal using the finest materials and craftsmanship.



    INTUA is an Istanbul based fine jewellery brand. "At Intua our goal is to create fine jewellery which connects with the soul of modern life. We favour elegant, understated designs with a distinctive flair.  We aim to reach women looking to subtly set themselves apart. Each of our pieces are hand crafted with at least six individuals contributing to their production. All the pieces in our diamond collection are sold with an internationally recognised diamond certificate."




    Kia Ora was designed to enrich and complete everyday distinct personal styles with exclusive and unique leather products. Inspired by modern details and classical shapes, Kia Ora provides timeless quality designs for those who are looking for that rare combination of elegance, comfort, functionality and of course impeccable style.

    The founders of Kia Ora Ceylan Toplamaoğlu and Melis Erdoğan believe their products will resonate the positive energy and well being to people. Ceylan gained experience in the Marketing and Public Relations department and in 2014, she and her friend, Melis, who has the same passion and love of accessories, established Kia Ora. Melis, having worked at leading magazine and PR companies, she gained a lot of experience and decided to continue her career in International Marketing. She always dreamed of creating a Turkish brand that would one day be recognized internationally, so she established Kia Ora. 


    luxury designer jewelry by KIMSU

    Sue Woo Kim, born in Seoul, South Korea, studied architecture and interior design living across Seoul, New York, Milan and Berlin, always working in the design world. In her international career, Sue has over seven years of experience working with top international brands. As a child she received a golden ring at her first birthday as per Korean tradition, which ignited her strong passion for jewels; now with KIMSU her dream has come true. Roberto Bertinetti, born in Biella, Italy, is from a family of entrepreneurs of six generations. With a top of class degree in Finance, he was part of the Italian national fencing team since he was a child, which gave him the opportunity to travel all over the world. He started his career in digital marketing in 2011, and within just a few years, he rose to the position of top manager of European and American renowned brands.

    KIMSU is the creation of two passions coming together to form one dream, one future. It takes a philosophy that even the tiniest symbols, gestures, and experiences can ignite a passion within. KIMSU creates handmade pieces of jewelry based around that theory and allows women to find their own passion, using a unique shade of gold exclusive for KIMSU and gems of the finest quality.




    Loes Vrij is a dutch fashion designer, based in Amsterdam. In 2012, after having worked as a lawyer for many years, she decided to take her lifelong passion for fashion to a more professional level by starting up a fashion label under her name. Every piece is hand crafted in Italy, made of vachetta, vitello and precious leathers like python. Her bags are available in different colors and materials. Loes Vrij launched different models like Diavolino « Little devil », Diavolino Piccolino and Glorious Gun. All those lovely pieces breath Rock-Chic elegance.


    lyasmine-fashion designer-my nu designer-concept store

    LYasmine brand was made by its exclusive creation & unique line of fashion accessories. « As a woman's handbag is an integral part of her outfit not just a sack to carry essentials. Our products were made to be a fashion statement enables each woman to express her style and creativity. We sell one-of-a-kind masterpieces, hand-crafted by artisans using a collage of the highest caliber of quality materials. Our definition of Luxury handbags is uniqueness and exclusivity »



    Too many "bad hair days" could be the motto for this brand story, born in Portugal, inspired and designed in the world and built by hand, using the Love in the hands of who shapes the skin and felt, ribbons and silk grosgrains.
    From our atelier, leave the most wonderful hats, fedoras, oversized knots and glamorous capelines, where the adoption of classical forms contrasts with the choice of bold colors and unexpected combinations of materials and details.
    The story of Maria Stuart is writing daily, with love for all that feeds our soul.
    Being happy with what we do and what we have, while we work for what we want is our true faith and inspiration.

    Maria Stuart are not hats! It’s happiness and feminine statement.

    Be Maria Stuart. Be You.

    Be Happy.



    Born in New Delhi in 1987, Nitya graduated in 2005 from Lawrence School Sanawar. She entered the design industry soon after and pursued a course in interior design in APJ institute of design.

    Although she was engaged in interiors work, fashion bred in the core of her heart. In 2006, Nitya designed her first range of dresses and exhibited them at a prominent show in New Delhi. An interior design course and designing dresses for shows and family went hand-in-hand for a few years. This lead to the start of an interior design firm which she pursued as a career.

    Over the course of time, her inclination shifted from interiors to fashion and hence she joined her boyfriend and now husband in running SunLotus fashion buying house. 5 years passed by and the idea of launching her own fashion label became stronger. This intent gave birth to the creation of her own label called Ruche & Hues in March 2015- Now called Nitya Biswas.

    NITYA BISWAS creates glamorous embellished handbags and fashion accessories for women who love to dress up for every small or big occasion in their life. Each piece has been designed, handcrafted and developed with delicate and intricate handwork. « Our artisans have years of embroidery skills and experience to give a face to complex design. »

  • OCTA


    OCTA is a distinctive brand for leather products coming out of Thailand that produces women’s bags in a variety of diamond shapes and gorgeous hues. The founders of OCTA are two sisters Sirikran Chaithavornsathien and her sister Thanya. The brand was established on October 2012. Sirikran’s obsession with handbags combined with her superstition belief in number 8 led to the launch of OctaBag. The immediate success of her geometric-inspired creations are derived from the versatility, the sophistication yet easy-chic concept and the affordability of the bags. With excellent craftmanship, precious leather along with color variety, Octa aims to create a mid high brand for an everyday functionality and one of a kind design. 



     OSYLIA is a new London-based jewellery brand that focuses on bringing together contemporary silhouettes with distinctive designs.

    « We pay utmost attention to detail from design through to production, bringing ergonomics, aesthetics, and quality together in awesome finished statement pieces.

    Every unique Osylia piece tells a different story.

    We believe everybody deserves affordable luxury and Osylia’s timeless design make this possible. »



    Otilia Flonta is one of the pioneers of accessories design in Romania, handbags especially. The premium handbags brand is not only well appreciated on the Romanian market, but worldwide as well. The Otilia Flonta Bags can be purchased at the Lafayette Galleries in Berlin.Attention to details, elegance, creativity and quality best describe the Romanian brand Otilia Flonta. Behind all handmade bags stand over 13 years of experience and precision.The brand targets fashion lovers who has a taste for high-class products and is trained for the. The bags to the modern woman’s needs.


    pargo jewelry designer

    Founded by designer Parisa Gol in 2014, PARGO is a studio located in Stockholm, Sweden, designing and making modern conceptual jewellery collections. PARGO designs are simple yet sophisticated. The idea is to create jewelry for modern women. Something to add a bit of elegance, an understated glamour that blends in with their style like their personality. Most pieces are available in gold and rose gold and silver to match or contrast with different skin tones.



    Rula Galayini is a libanese designer based in Dubai. Her brand that carries her name is a  reflection of the woman who wears it: strong, edgy, and sensual. A power-bag and a contemporary statement piece. Her collections are designed for the everyday, yet tailored for the surprises that one never expects. Her bags are as distinct and remarkable as the women who carry them. HuffPost Fashion decreed the Rula Galayini signature Cuff Collection as the ‘it’ bag  of Paris Fashion Week 2014, while Vogue UK celebrated Rula as one of the top 100 designers. Rula has built an internationally acclaimed brand that caters to the woman who wants to set her own standards and to express herself wholly without compromising on taste, and more importantly, on herself.

    The Rula Galayini brand is classified into 4 lines, inspired by art and architecture: The Cuff Collection, the ARTiculate, the Chrysalis and the Poupée Collection.

  • SaQué


    SaQué is a combination of French and Lebanese.

    The word “sac” means “bag” in French. And the pronoun "é" means “mine” in Lebanese. Hence “saQué” means “my bag” in spoken Lebanese.

    SaQué is a luxurious brand of handmade handbags designed by two sisters architects, Chantal & Daisy El Jurdi.

    The sisters have combined their love for fashion & architecture to create unique pieces. All the bags are made out of luxurious real leather and all the accessories used are either gold or silver plated, using real leather and gold or silver plated accessories.

    SAQUE’s s handbags are all handmade. They are carefully crafted and a special kind of attention is given to all the details, the trimmi

    ngs and the finishing. 


    Storm watches

    Launched in 1989 and still pioneers of the fashion industry, STORM is a British brand that leads the way with statement designs and trend led product. With a multitude of cutting edge designs across both casual and contemporary styles, STORM continues to push boundaries through its innovative approach to produce unique fashion watches and jewellery. With highly original designs almost architectural in form, STORM has standout ability. Stainless steel, enamel, ceramic, leather, and Swarovski crystals are just a few of the high quality materials which contribute towards the STORM collection.

    STORM is renowned for its exclusive watches and distinctive stylish fashion accessories. 

    The british brand has a vision to continue pushing the boundaries to ensure its customers are always excited by its new and original designs.

    STORM is a statement of the future. Worldwide, the STORM brand continues to challenge expectations of inventive design.

    STORM continually seeks stimulation for new challenges in design. STORM’s team of dedicated designers take inspiration from the world around them, combining unconventional materials together with precision instrumentation.



    We are Texas and the Artichoke, a London based home ware and accessories brand founded by Paula Benvegnú, an argentine art director, product designer and print maker that makes beautiful things with a quirky, bold and contemporary twist.

    Our products are designed and produced in the UK with the highest quality materials, adding always a good amount of kitsch, eccentricity and poetry so you can stay one step ahead of the crowd.

  • TheSLCTD

    TheSLCTD fashion designer luxury bags

    Pronounced ‘The Selected’, we started as a blog to create a space for our photography and love for fashion. With the introduction of our first bag, TheSLCTD evolves into a website that highlights our entrepreneurial adventures and travels while still sharing our love of fashion and photography.

    “I wanted to have a bag that I can enjoy guilt-free and that would instantly upgrade any outfit.”
    – Carmen

    Made from the highest quality, Italian full grain leather, in a qaint little village in Spain, our bags are the product of true European craftsmanship. The Chain Bag is a jewel made of brass that you can enjoy guilt-free; everyone in the production process has benefited and was treated fairly

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